War is raging.  12 realms hang in the balance.

Tiara, the first world of creation was lost.  The NecroOnes have risen from their prisons in the depths of the planet.  The NecroTitans have gained dominion and the NecroSpirits infest the lands with their evil dark elements.  The people of this once free world live under the tyranny of the NecroTitans and fear the NecroSpirits.  Idols were erected.  Temples were built in their name.  And those who do not bow their knee suffer dire fates.  But while many fear the dark ones, there are some who are willing to resist.

Olorun, the creator of this world and bestower of gifts, has heard the cry of the people of Tiara.  He has seen the heart of those willing to resist.  To those brave souls, He gives unto them His gifts, empowering them to fight back against the NecroOnes and set their people free.

The war has already begun.  Whose side are you on?

Choose then this day to whom you will bow.


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