What’s a kid to do when he’s all alone in the house? Your parents divorced. Your dad no longer in the picture. Your only sibling has a severe cause of autism, rendering him unable to hold conversation or socialize normally. And your mom working endless hours at the hospital to keep a roof over your head. Well, I don’t know what most kids did, but this one retreated into the confines of his elaborate imagination and made up stories.
The stories I created were inspired by the wide range of television I consumed as a child. And with such an open schedule as I had, (3pm to 10pm on weekdays, 10am to 10pm on weekends and during the summer) you better believer there was alot of television consumption. The shows I favored as a kid were the typical ones and little boy would obsess over. And being a child of the 90s, you guessed it, one of them was Power Rangers. Honestly any show that had martial arts in it had my attention. Heroes were a big deal for me. From Power Rangers to X-men, Marvel, Justice League, I watched them all. And the list goes on and on. I probably could name a show I watched, some of you haven’t heard about in years. Let’s give a try. Who remembers Swat Katz? Max Steel? See what I mean?
Over the years, I developed a love for any and every superhero, no matter if they were popular or not. It hurt my heart every time I watched the credits scroll at the end. Then the season would be over, and I didn’t see my beloved heroes for quite some time. Some I never saw again. Cancelled….But my mind could not let these characters go. I am almost positive that I am the innovator of FanFicition. Listen up, you millenials, I was FanFictioning before Fanficitioning was ever cool. Back when geeks were writing in notebooks they hid from scornful eyes. I created my own stories with these characters in mind. I gave them backstories the actually characters did not have. And if I mentioned these backstories, I would be hanged by every fandom on the planet. Consider. I used to imagine that the original Red Ranger was the younger brother of Bruce Wayne. Yeah, Batman and the Red Ranger were long lost brothers. Why? Because I was 6 and I said so. I rest my case.
So is it any surprise I would be venturing out now to create my own heroes and epic flights of fantasy. I’ve studied the tools and methods for years, without realizing that I was. So here goes my stories. I hope you all love them, enjoy them, and READ THEM!!!!
T. C. Portier

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